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Marital and Conjoint Therapy

OPA offers marital and conjoint therapy sessions. OPA staff first carefully evaluate each member of the couple to ensure that no other condition is interfering with the marital or familial relationship. From there, individuals are brought together to begin conjoint therapy. Important steps in therapy include: reducing blame and negativity within the couple or family; creating common goals toward which individuals can work (both independently and together); and developing and implementing plans in order to accomplish these goals.

The therapist may help the couple or family with: communication skills; coping techniques; patterns of interaction; and any other important areas of stress. Further, therapists will help the individuals to generalize the skills they have learned in therapy so they are able to apply these techniques to any future difficulties that may arise.

OPA providers are highly flexible and willing to adjust the process of therapy in order to best meet the needs of each couple and family. Confidentiality is priority at OPA and the providers work hard to ensure the privacy of everyone involved.

If you are interested in becoming involved in marital or family therapy, please contact us to set up an appointment.

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