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Parenting Techniques

It is not uncommon for OPA providers to be faced with overwhelmed parents, many of whom have attempted to implement a variety of parenting techniques but have found no sustaining success. These failed attempts can lead to feelings of hopelessness and helplessness for these parents, which often exacerbate the problematic dynamics in the household.

The key elements include consistency and remaining calm, both of which can be difficult during stressful parenting situations.

OPA providers take into consideration the age of the child, the presenting concerns, and the family dynamics in order to tailor-make a treatment plan. Often, therapists will use a combination of techniques to meet their needs. These may include education about special considerations for their child as well as exploration and practicing of parenting techniques. OPA providers work with the child alone, the caregivers alone, and the family together as an integral part of the treatment plan.

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